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Junior League- 1st and 2nd Round in Tübingen

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Hello everyone,

We are the Debating Team of the Lessing Gymnasium Winnenden and we take part in the Junior League this year. On Wednesday, 31st January, we had our first debating event in 2024. Our team consists of Elisa, Alyssa, Lea, Franzi and Emma (Form 8) and Aanya (Form 7). We are supported by two teachers, Mrs Reber and Mr Bärtl. We left school at 11am and went to Tübingen by train. The host school welcomed us in a very friendly way. There were yummy snacks and drinks for everybody.

The 1st debate was a so-called Impromtu debate- we were given a unknown motion and we had to prepare it within 60 minutes. The motion was about smartphones being allowed from the age of 16- not earlier. Being side opposition we had to be against age restrictions. We won the debate 3-0.

The 2nd debate was a so-called prepared debate. This motion was prepared together with our teachers throughout the last weeks at the Debating Club. The topic was: Students should rate their teachers- this time we had to argue in favour of the motion as side proposition. Apparently our opponents had prepared the wrong side, so we had an advantage because they only had an hour to prepare their speeches. As a consequence, we also won this debate 3-0. So we can proudly say that we rank first together with two further teams. 

All in all we had a great day are already looking forward to the next debate in March.


by Elisa and Alyssa (Form 8b)

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